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Electron Microscopy Services


Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

SEM utilizes a focused electron beam scanned over a samples surface to generate an image.  The image can be collected from emitted,  low energy secondary electrons where contrast in the image can provide information about the samples surface topography or from high energy backscattered electrons where contrast in the image can provide information about the chemical composition of the sample.

SEM is a powerful imaging tool with great depth of field and broad magnification range to visualize the microstructure of your material.


Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

EDS is a complimentary technique in electron microscopy which utilizes x-rays generated when an electron beam collides with a sample to analyze the elemental composition of the material interacting with the electron beam.  By measuring the energy of the emitted x-rays and comparing to each elements known characteristic emission spectrum the composition of the material can be analyzed.  EDS offers a powerful tool to analyze the bulk composition or a micro-volume of material within the sample.

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Sample Preparation/Polished Cross Sections/Etching

Regardless of the state of your sample, MiKroTek has a wide array of machining and polishing equipment at our disposal to prepare your sample for analysis. Whether your sample needs to be cut with a diamond saw, polished to a mirror finish or chemically etched to reveal the microstructure, we have the ability to expertly prepare your sample for in-depth and efficient analysis.

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Optical Microscopy


In addition to SEM, MiKroTek provides optical microscopy services as an alternative to viewing a samples microstructure.  Brightfield, Polarized light, and Nomarski Interference Contrast imaging techniques are available.

Image Analysis


Image analysis can provide valuable quantitative information from digital images regarding the amount, size, shape, and distribution of microstructural features.

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